Borrelli's History

In the fall of 1955 on a corner property in East Meadow, Long Island a tradition was born.

Three brothers Al, Phil and Frank from Naples, Italy would open the doors for the first time to an establishment that has served the surrounding community and beyond for over 55 years. Borrelli's Restaurant has been part of our family tradition and has also become a tradition in many of your families as well.

We are still the original Borrelli's – family owned and operated since the day we served our first guest. Frank Jr., his wife Beth, Sister Angela and their children will provide great food and lasting memories for our new patrons. We will continue to add to the memories of the many loyal customers who have dined with us over the years spanning this past half century.

While we continue to serve you in the tradition of a family owned and operated restaurant, we as well as our wonderful and helpful staff will move forward with an eye focused on the future of the newly renovated Borrelli's. Along with the positive changes we now offer to enhance your dining experience, we wish to offer you our valued guests who have witnessed the progression of Borrelli's for more than 55 years, our gratitude for your dedicated and continued patronage.

Borrelli's 1955